What I Can Do For You
Business Executives

In the global and corporate marketplace, CEOs and other company leaders are also public figures presenting the human face of their business to the world. Frank has written for prominent business leaders, including members of the Fortune 500, and he’ll create comedy material specially designed to highlight your personality, brand, and message for charity dinners, award shows, roasts, media and stockholders presentations and product rollouts.


Even the most experienced beltway insiders can have trouble getting any traction in today’s 24/7, short attention span news cycles, but humor can be a powerful tool in getting the media and the public to pay attention. A well-timed remark or well-placed joke can define an issue and help soften a candidate’s image.

Frank will discreetly craft effective political humor for speeches, television appearances and fundraisers. He was hired to write jokes for a recent Presidential candidate’s campaign, which were quoted in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Daily Beast and on NBC’s Meet the Press.

Other Public Speakers

Frank will create specialized comedy material for all manner of public speakers, including actors, authors, musicians, athletes, TV personalities, radio hosts, and newscasters.

Comedians and Stand-up Comics

Successful comedians don’t just tell jokes. A truly memorable comedian connects with an audience – not merely by being funny, but because his or her act reflects a relatable point of view and expresses shared truths. Frank has written and developed jokes and routines for some of the world’s top comedians and performers and he can do the same for you, by bringing a customized, personal approach to comedy writing, so that the new material will convey your individual “voice.”

Frank also provides one-on-one coaching and consulting for stand-up comics, to help them move past easy punch lines and contrived laughs. Frank takes a psychology-based approach to help performers craft an original persona based on their unique life experiences. Whether you’re a new comic trying to find your voice or a more established performer striving to grow beyond your current act, Frank will help guide you to the next level in your standup career.


After the long process of seeing a work through multiple drafts, even accomplished writers can find themselves too close to the work to do a proper comedy polish. Frank has punched up screenplays, television scripts, stage plays, one-person shows, magazine articles and digital content.

Because he’s a writer himself, Frank understands the importance of integrating the humor within the context and tone of the original work, balancing any new jokes with the existing elements so that the writer’s intent isn’t lost or overpowered.

Event Planners

Frank has scripted numerous live and televised events from the planning stage to production, including award shows, roasts, sports banquets, benefits and fundraisers.

Frank’s years of experience and extensive industry contacts gives him access to a wide range of comedy and show business professionals from writers and performers to directors and producers, and in addition to creating specialized material for the host and all the presenters/speakers, Frank and Comedywise can produce your entire event, including booking crew, venue and talent.

Speakers Bureaus

Frank will add value to your client’s speech or remarks with humor that’s expertly tailored to a specific topic or audience, making certain that the humor is both organic to the situation and “on-point.”

Editors, Publishers & Packagers

Have a funny idea or concept that needs to be developed for the book, online, magazine or gift market? Frank has contributed to humor books, written articles for Vanity Fair, Mad magazine and The Huffington Post, developed toys, trading cards and greeting cards for both kids and adults and edited Jest, a national humor magazine, and he’ll bring the same passion, experience and expertise to your project.

Comedy 911

Frank’s skills are frequently sought under the tightest of deadlines, so if a client is booked for a TV, radio or live appearance at the last minute and needs a few great lines in a hurry, Frank can deliver. Availability of this premium service is limited by Frank’s schedule and prior commitments.